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Welcome to New Orleans - The Big Easy. We have Life at a slower pace, full of history, entertainment, food, festivals, Historic homes, Music, Gracious City Living in a Country Style. We have Hot Jazz and Cool Blues, and all sorts of other music. Our Music flavors our food and infuses our souls. Riverboats and Gambling, Land Based Casinos, Food, festivals, and Fun! The Mother of all festivals is Mardi Gras, A two week celebration of Food, Music, Costumes, Parades, and fun! After Mardi Gras we have The French Quarter Festival, The Strawberry Festival, Jazz Fest, Food fest, and many others. We boast the oldest, continuously operating Street Cars that will transport you back to an older time along historic St. Charles Avenue, or the Famous Canal Street. Even our cemeteries are places of interest with our above ground burials and elaborate structures.

The photographs in this Gallery depict some of the laughter, the fun, and the ambience, of living in New Orleans.

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These are the examples of the terrain and places around New Orleans which are naturally flooded and the levees which separate Land from Naturally Flooded.

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The images in this gallery are found in my modest backyard. I always find something interesting to capture. I have a comfortable back yard, with plenty of shade from a Live Oak. which towers almost 60 feet above the patio. A soft gurgling fountain on one end of the patio near a table with four chairs. Silver Maples in the North and Eastern corners give a nice shade for relaxing in the hammock. The outer perimeter is a mixture of flowering plants. Blue Irises with gold throats are a base around the trees and o the Eastern Perimeter. Two Japanese Plums grace a small bed near the patio. At one time the fruit was close to the ground and easy to pick, The trees have matured, to the delight of the squirrels. There is a wealth of miniiture landscape pictures waiting to be captured.

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